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Who Takes Care of Teeth at the White House?

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Everyone knows the president has his own staff to take care of his needs while in office. However, few realize this also means that the president of the United States has his own dentist as well.

The practice of designating a “White House Dentist” stretches back to 1923 when President Coolidge and his family were treated by Drs. Alfred Chandler, William Darnell and Frances Ulan. They were dental surgeons from the Navy Dental School in Washington D.C., specifically chosen to provide dental care for the first family. Since then, other dentists have been chosen from the Navy to meet the oral health needs of the president and his family members.

Today, the White House dentist is chosen from the many practitioners at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. This school is a premier Navy medical center located in Bethesda, Md., Unknown to many, the Navy’s Dental Corps is one of the best places to practice dentistry, boasting cutting edge technology and facilities. This way, Navy dentists treat not only our politicians’, but also our soldiers’ teeth in prime condition.

The White House dentist administers regular checkups, cleanings and X-rays. He is also expected to teach the president about various teeth cleaning techniques to make sure he retains optimal oral health for both teeth and gums.

Each of the president’s visits probably begins much like yours. They likely start with an X-ray examination to check to make sure every tooth’s root and bone look healthy. This is important to ensure no serious problems are happening where the dentist might not be able to see with the naked eye.

Next, the dentist meticulously cleans teeth to get rid of any plaque buildup brushing alone cannot exorcise. Dental hygienists train specifically and know how to get rid of any mineralized plaque that might require special tools to loosen and remove.

The White House dentist also can perform many other services as well. For example, professional teeth whitening is a procedure that removes stains on teeth that are impervious to the typical over-the-counter solutions. A good dentist can make a smile shine even brighter than cleaning alone can do.

Visiting the dentist regularly, like the president and first family do, is important to keep your teeth at their best. Although you do not have dental staff on hand,  you can expect top quality dentistry from Nicholas Dental Care. Contact us at (301) 917-3844 to set up an appointment and make your teeth shine as well.