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Ways MDE Can Help Dentists Save Environment

The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) is a government agency that aims to
support, educate and assist businesses and citizens in achieving environmental awareness. While they do not focus on any specific industry, dental practitioners can benefit from the highly informative educational programs offered by this department. Nicholas Dental Care aspires to join the movement toward environmentalism, and we would like to share these resources from the MDE to help other dental practitioners contribute to saving the environment.

1. Public Meetings and Hearings

The MDE holds public meetings and hearings where they answer questions to help
businesses and residents understand the real value of environmentalism. They also set these hearings as examples to encourage businesses and establishments to go green.

2. Grants and Financial Assistance

The MDE provides financial assistance to institutions and businesses that desire to achieve a green status. Their grants are focused on different aspects of energy conservation, waste reduction and pollution control. These categories are divided into land, water and air programs. Each grant has its own purpose and you may seek assistance for the particular grant you are like by visiting the resource provided on the website.

3. Business Information Center

Since businesses are the majority consumers of energy and resources, the MDE has
provided an information center where you can read and research about going green. Every business must achieve environmental awareness to help save our planet and become sustainable.

4. Environmental Management Assistance

This program aims to help businesses and establishments achieve green status within a
six month period. It is an all in one package specifically focused on manufacturing
businesses. This program is beneficial for large dental laboratories that produce a lot of waste and cater to many dental clinics.

5. Waste Management and Recycling Programs

Dentistry and many health care businesses produce a lot of waste. This is particularly so
when practices use amalgam, traditional Xrays, water and administer drugs. The MDE offers uniquely designed programs to educate businesses on how to manage waste and prevent contaminants from affecting soil and water. Recycling is an important part of conservation, which the MDE recommends for all businesses to practice.

6. Greening Your Facility

The MDE website has a page specifically for businesses and organizations that want to make their facilities and establishments greener. You can use this resource to find out about the environmental damage businesses cause and a list of efficient ways you can turn around your business practice.

7. Enforcement and Compliance

The laws governing the department’s programs must be followed to observe compliance. If these rules and regulations are not met, the government can place sanctions and close down your businesses. Dental clinics are required to comply with these laws and display
environmental awareness, so it is time to educate yourself about these policies and make
sure your practice operates within the established guidelines. A dental clinic is a highpowered establishment, and it is common to see waste, excessive energy consumption and high carbon footprint. However, we at Nicholas Dental Care strive to
contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy. With the assistance and programs offered by the MDE, it is easy to create a greener and more environmentfriendly practice. Our part, as well as yours, is to care for the environment and comply with all of the regulations and laws enforced by the department.
Meta description: The MDE provides valuable information and resources to help businesses, especially dental practitioners, become more environmentally aware. Are you operating within these guidelines?

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Does Losing an Hour of Sleep Affect Dental Staff Members?

Losing sleep affects us all negatively by impairing our judgment, clouding our minds, canceling out our concentration and makes it extremely hard to focus on our tasks for the day. No matter the industry where you work, losing sleep makes it extremely difficult for us to do what we need to do, especially if you work from the comfort of your own home. However, losing sleep impacts dentists and their staff members the most because they are staring into people’s mouths and need to be on top of their game.

Sleep Apnea and You

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue because of sleep loss and affects driving, your relationships with whomever they may be and will impact your work ethics and how you go about your day in general. Sleep apnea is most often marked by breathing interruptions in your sleep, which is usually caused by snoring and can develop over time because of lack of sleep or sleeping properly.

Sleep apnea is extremely common and will impact your life in such a way that you become grouchy, very touchy and humorless to life as you know it. Working while you are deprived of sleep affects everyone around you because it takes the joy from working, if there was any there in the first place. Daily fatigue will result in loss of productivity and will result the risk of workplace accidents skyrocketing.

Lost Sleep and Dental Staff Members

Losing sleep definitely affects dental staff members in very negative ways, especially if they are constantly running between rooms and never sitting down. Dental staff members are in charge of patient records and helping the dentists with whatever they need, such as reviewing a patient before the dentist will see them.

Being in charge of the records, dental staff members must ensure that everything for each patient is how it should be on the individual record. However, if a member of the team is suffering from sleep loss, things could go very wrong when it comes to the documentation. Either that or something may not even be documented in the first place.

Chronic fatigue and memory loss, both negative effects of sleep loss, must be avoided when it comes to working as a staff member in a dental office because both of those traits are extremely important. Dentists and their staff members simply cannot be tired when it comes to working on their patient’s teeth. Memory is extremely important in this case because staff members must know what records and other factors need to be documented for each patient individually.

It’s extremely important for dental staff members to get the right amount of sleep that they will need to be able to perform well on the job and do all of their duties properly, which is usually approximately eight to nine hours per night. Getting the right amount of sleep will ensure that your focus stays where it should be, you will not be tired and your judgement will be anything but poor.