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Improving Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Before undergoing any cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is a good idea to have a fair idea of the important details involved. During your initial consultation, you should ask your cosmetic dentist key questions about how the procedure is done, the potential side effects, costs, aftercare, and special maintenance. Here’s a brief overview of the different cosmetic dentistry procedures available to residents of Burtonsville, MD. Dr. Aaron Nicholas specializes on cosmetic dentistry and can help you determine the best dental treatment plan for your needs. 


For veneers, your dentist will use custom shells that are made either of porcelain or plastic to cover the sides and front of the teeth. Veneers are often used for stained, chipped, worn, misshapen or crooked teeth. It may also be used for teeth that have too much space between them. Compared to bonding, veneers last longer and have a better appearance.

Dental Crown

Crowns, also known as caps, are used to restore the normal shape and appearance of teeth. This procedure can be used for a wide variety of conditions including stained, broken and worn teeth. It may also be used to protect a weak tooth, as a cover for a tooth with a large filling, as a cover for dental implants, as a cover for a tooth that has been treated for root canal, and to hold dental bridges in place.

Tooth enamel shaping and contouring

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, or to change its shape, length or position, your dentist may recommend enamel shaping and contouring. This procedure is also recommended for patients who have crooked or overlapping teeth, chipped teeth, and minor bite problems.

Braces or Invisalign 

Braces are recommended for a host of dental issues ranging from bite problems to crooked or crowded teeth. Through the use of metal, ceramic or plastic brackets bonded to the teeth, a dentist can re-position the teeth to the desired position over time. Dr. Nicholas also recommends the use of aligners which are practically invisible. You may be familiar with Invisalign already. Our staff is happy to provide you with an Orthodontic exam to determine which option fits your needs and budget.

Dental Bridge

Also known as partial dentures, bridges are utilized as a replacement for missing teeth. Bridges are often manufactured using porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of these. Before bridges are anchored, the surrounding teeth need to be prepared for crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another solution for tooth replacement. There tends to be fear of high cost of this procedure, however it fares much better than other teeth replacement solutions. Implants are comprised of three parts: titanium metal which is fused to the patient’s jawbone, an abutment which sticks out from the gums, and the crown which resembles natural teeth. Dr. Nicholas holds regular Dental Implant Seminars in his Burtonsville Dentist Office in an effort to educate patients on how they can improve their quality of life while eliminating their fears.

Teeth whitening

Over time, teeth can become stained due to different causes including aging, smoking, some types of food and drinks, and medications.Teeth whitening involves bleaching the teeth through a chemical process that can be done at home or at the dentist’s clinic. In both procedures, your dentist will fabricate a mouthpiece tray which ensures that the right amount of the solution gets to the areas that need to be whitened.

Take note that even after teeth whitening, your teeth can still be stained. Also, teeth whitening is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing. It is a cosmetic dental treatment.


Bonding is often used to improve the appearance of teeth that have been chipped, cracked, broken or stained. It may also be used to fill in small cavities and to protect the root of a tooth that has been exposed.Typically, the procedure can be done within just one visit to the dental clinic where the dentist will use materials that match the color of your teeth.