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The Five Most Common Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Restorative DentistryThe Five Most Common Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Cavities, chipped, cracked, and lost teeth — all these issues already have quick and (relatively) affordable solutions in the form of restorative dentistry. With the different procedures available for this branch of dentistry, your teeth can look and feel like they used to. Also, if you wish to take things to the next level, restorative dentistry is often a good prelude to cosmetic dentistry procedures, which can really enhance your smile and improve your oral structure.

If you have any of the aforementioned dental woes, the following are the most common restorative dentistry procedures to consider.

Dental fillings

These are applied to teeth that have been treated for cavities. Dental fillings are made of a hard plastic material that bonds to the tooth. They are designed to cover the holes or seal cracks in your teeth. Dental fillings restore stability to your teeth and prevent further damage and pain. There are four kinds of fillings typically used by dentists: gold, amalgam, ceramic and tooth-colored composites. Among these four types of fillings, the last two options are the most aesthetically appealing; they can even be used for chipped or worn front teeth.

Air abrasion and Micro Dentistry

This procedure uses air abrasion technology to get rid of small cavities without removing healthy tooth enamel. After abrasion, white fillings are applied to teeth to restore appearance of your teeth.

Dental Bridge

This is a device anchored to neighboring teeth (usually molars) as a replacement for a lost tooth. A dental bridge is typically needed when a tooth is beyond the filling stage and requires extraction. A bridge is usually made of high quality materials such as porcelain.  A bridge will prevent teeth from shifting out of place over time due to the space created by a lost tooth. It can also help preserve gum and bone — this is an advantage should you one day decide to get dental implants.

Dental Crowns

These cover damaged, chipped, cracked or broken teeth. They are cemented in place to cover teeth at and above the gum line. Crowns are created to match the natural color of teeth.


These are perhaps what many are very familiar with because they are the most conventional replacements for lost teeth. They can be made to replace a complete set of teeth; they are removable, making cleaning easy. However, dentures need to be changed, usually in three to five years, because wearing them constantly tends to alter the size of the gums and bone; they become loose and will therefore need to be replaced with better-fitting new ones.

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