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Root Canal Preparation

root canal preparationHow Long Does a Root Canal Take?

The era of the dreaded dentist is over. Today, more and more people are realizing the significant importance of visiting a dentist and having access to professional dental health care. Unlike in the past wherein dental visits were feared (if not totally shunned), now an increasing number of people embrace the fact that investing in dental hygiene and expert care is a must, and may even be a pleasant experience under the care of the right dental team.

Is a Root Canal Really Something to Be Worried About?

One of the treatments that best illustrates this new perspective and experience in modern dentistry is the root canal. In the past, the root canal was one of the most anxiety-inducing procedures of all, since old methods could not contain or reduce the amount of pain involved during the process. Not anymore. Thanks to sophisticated technology and anesthesia, patients today will feel only very minimal to zero pain during a root canal procedure. And if you go to an endodontist who has advanced training, skills and specialized techniques, the experience will not be only painless, but also swift and comfortable.

How Fast is a Root Canal?

If you’re wondering how swift, or asking “how long does a root canal take?” the honest answer is that it can still take a longer time compared to other common procedures such as dental cleaning or application of dental fillings. But the timeframe has become considerably shorter due to modern techniques. Leading endodontists today can complete a root canal treatment in 90 to 120 minutes if no complications arise – or just about as long as your lunch hour.

However, just like any other medical process, the length of time and outcome of the procedure will still depend on the unique condition and circumstances of the patient. Some patients, for instance, may have their dental roots wrapped around a delicate area such as the sinuses. The procedure will then be much more complicated and therefore will take longer than usual.

Root Canal Preparation

That’s why proper root canal preparation is critical. Clinic consultations, X-rays and examinations are important before the actual root canal procedure. This way, your dentist can develop a specific treatment plan for you and provide complete information that will allow you to prepare well for your root canal treatment. Allow a bit more time than your scheduled period to cover unforeseeable changes and events. It’s best to pencil in important appointments such as meetings and gatherings the day or days after your root canal.

The Healing Process

To hasten your healing process and avoid pain after your treatment, take the anti-pain medications as prescribed by your dentist. Eat only the recommended food, and chew only using the untreated side. Lastly, show up for your follow-up treatments and check-up to ensure complete healing. 

If you have questions about root canal preparation, contact a dental professional in Burtonsville, MD today!

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