How to Choose a Dental Care Provider

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How to Choose a Dental Care Provider

Visiting the dentist regularly is a key component of taking care of your gums and teeth properly – and investing in your overall health as well. You may be diligent in practicing good dental hygiene. You may take pains to avoid sugary foods and beverages to avoid cavities. You may be vigilant in following all the recommended practices that protect your teeth’s health. But without the constant monitoring of a dental health professional, then there’s a huge chance that you may miss certain oral condition issues that can lead to serious consequences in the long run.

That’s why building a long-term relationship with your dentist will be beneficial for you. Working with someone who knows your health history and whom you feel comfortable with paves the way for your unique needs to be addressed more effectively.

But what if you’re moving to a new neighborhood and you have no idea which dental care provider to approach? What if your small children are already at an age when they need to be taken to the dental clinic on a more frequent basis? Or the relationship between you and your current dentist isn’t currently working out great for some reason?  

Then it’s time for you to find a new dentist. For best results, consider the following tips on how to choose a dental care provider.

Make a list of your preferences

Write down the characteristics and features you want to see in a dentist. For instance, if you have kids, then you may want to look for someone experienced working with families and who has the facility that‘s suitable for them.

Get to know the dentist

For quality dental care, you would want to choose a highly skilled, experienced and compassionate dentist. Find out about their background, specialty and track record. Check if they make it a point to keep up-to-date with the latest dental technology and solutions. Observe the staff as well – a courteous team can make a difference in your overall experience.   

Check the location

Choose a dentist in Laurel, MD with clinics that are located where it’s easily accessible for you and your family. The more convenient it is to go to the clinic, the better you can commit to your appointment schedule. Going to a dental facility close to your home or where you work will also make it easier for you to get assistance should you experience a dental emergency.

Inquire about rates and other arrangement relating to payments

Affordability is crucial in ensuring you can commit to your dental health care plan. During your search, don’t hesitate to ask about payment options and insurance coverage. A reputable clinic will be willing to take the time and sit down with you to discuss possible fee schedules that will be most suitable for you.

What’s the Cost of Getting a Dental Crown?

Dental CrownWhat’s the Cost of Getting a Dental Crown?

Perhaps you are thinking of getting a dental crown or maybe your dentist has recommended this treatment for your condition. This would typically be first and foremost question on your mind: How much is the treatment going to set me back?

Price of Dental Work in Silver Spring

On average, the cost of getting a dental crown in Burtonsville is about $600 per tooth. That price can go up depending on a few factors, including the type of materials used for the crown as well as the purpose of the treatment. On top of that, you may also have to pay for other costs like lab fees, X-rays and dental exams.

Dental crowns are a versatile treatment that are used by dentists to treat a diverse number of conditions. It can be used for covering discolored or broken tooth. It is also used to anchor dental implants and protect baby teeth that have been damaged.

There are three main types of dental crowns for adults based on the materials used: porcelain, metal and porcelain fused to metal crowns. The crowns used for baby teeth are made of stainless steel and a pre-made and then resized to slip over the tooth that is being treated.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are made out of ceramic materials; because of this, they look like normal teeth and are usually used for covering or replacing the front teeth. These crowns have a tendency to break faster than metal crowns. You will need to visit your dentist at least twice for the installation of the crowns. These crowns also need to be custom-made in a dental lab. On average, these cost $1,430 per crown.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are generally used for the teeth found in the back of the mouth and are less likely to break or chip compared to porcelain crowns. But unlike porcelain crowns that have a more natural appearance, metal crowns are more noticeable. These crowns will set you back by about $1,353 per piece.

Porcelain Fused With Metal

Porcelain fused to metal crowns have a metal base which is then bonded to ceramic to create crowns. The metal base reinforces the ceramic component. However, the porcelain can still break. These crowns typically cost $1,093 per tooth.

Dental Insurance

It is possible to save a few dollars on your dental crown if you have dental insurance. If you have insurance, you will need to check your policy regarding the benefits and annual spending limits. If your child is going to get dental crowns, Medicaid can cover the expenses if there is a valid medical reason for undergoing the treatment.

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