Common Reasons Oral Surgery Is Recommended By Dentists

Oral SurgeryWhy is Oral Surgery Recommended By Dentists

Most people want their visits to the dentist to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. Not all are comfortable with the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair for extended periods to undergo procedures that involve scary looking dental tools and equipment, so their recourse would be to maintain the best possible oral care habits on their own to ensure the good health and condition of their teeth, gums and mouth without scheduling that appointment with the dentist.

However, there are instances wherein the specific condition of your mouth and teeth will require treatments and procedures that are more complex than the routine cleaning or checkup you are used to. In such cases, you’ll be glad to know that dentists are highly trained and experienced in performing different kinds of oral surgery which can effectively restore and improve your overall oral health.

Provided below are the common reasons oral surgery is recommended by dentists:

You have problems with your bite or temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Some people’s jaws do not come together properly, and this can cause pain and discomfort as well as impaired function. Corrective jaw surgery can help improve the bite and help the patient experience comfort.

Your teeth roots are infected

 Root canal procedures are typically recommended for infected tooth pulp, but if this treatment proves insufficient, the dentist can also perform a surgical procedure called apicoectomy which calls for the removal of the tip of the tooth root.

You suffer from pain caused by wisdom teeth

The emergence of wisdom teeth is known to cause swelling, pain and infection, but there’s no need to endure those since wisdom teeth can be extracted surgically.

Some of your teeth are missing

If you’ve lost teeth because of decay, an accident or trauma, dentists can provide surgical solutions to help your mouth function and appear normal as before. One of the best options is a dental implant; titanium screws are embedded surgically into the jaw and serve as roots or support for crowns, dentures or bridges that act as your replacement teeth.

In addition, if your jaw does not have enough bone mass to support dental implants, dentists can perform a bone grafting procedure.

There are lesions and abnormal growths in the lips, mouth, neck and face

If you have suspicious growths in these areas, your dentist can perform biopsies on them. If oral cancer is diagnosed, he or she can also surgically remove the affected tissues.

You suffered trauma to the face

Lost teeth can be replaced by your dentist while any broken facial bones can be reconstructed using plates, wires or screws.

Oral surgery may be exactly what you need for your teeth, gums, mouth, jaw and face to return to their proper functioning and appearance. Talk to your dentist in Silver Spring about your individual condition so the appropriate procedure can be prescribed.