Do Dental Check-ups Embarrass You?

Dental Check

The Importance of Not Being Embarrassed During Dental Check-ups 

A percentage of people who claim to have dental phobia are not really afraid to undergo dental treatments or think the dentist will hurt them; these people are simply quite embarrassed to present their teeth to the dentist during a dental check. They fear that the dental professional will judge them for not taking good care of their teeth. They may also fear that the dentist will humiliate them.

Is that the reason for your dental phobia? Are you embarrassed to go to dentist check-ups because your teeth are not perfect?

Rid Your Dental Anxiety

Dentists say that last thing you should feel is embarrassed. You should not worry about anything because dealing with dental problems is their job, after all. When they check your mouth, you can bet your case is not that unique – it’s not something they have never before seen, no matter how bad things may have gotten. Likewise, they know that their patients have all sorts of reasons for not being able to stay on top of proper oral care and they understand. When they see a severe dental problem, while they care about the story behind it, their natural inclination is to focus more on how they can solve that issue so their patients’ confidence will be restored.

Also, it’s not part of their practice to make patients feel bad. They might reprimand you a bit (like a friend who’s only looking after your well-being) if you had been lazy with oral care, but they are actually very understanding and sympathetic. They know that you’ve now decided to do things right, and that’s why you showed up for the check-up; that’s something they appreciate. They want you to keep on making the good decisions so they can ensure a positive experience for every dental session.

Find A Dentist You’re Comfortable With

It’s worth mentioning as well that dentists are well aware of how scared a lot of people are to visit the dental clinic, even just for a check-up. The last thing they want to do is aggravate the phobia and turn away patients. Dentists want every patient to feel at ease during appointments and to trust them completely.

So, if you’re feeling too embarrassed to see a dentist, try to get over the feeling and proceed with the appointment. You’ll be surprised at how your scary expectation can be completely different from what will actually happen. Typically, that one bold and brave decision is all it takes for you to get over your negative emotions about seeing the dentist.