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Dental Crowns

Getting a dental crown is one of the most common types of teeth restoration. If your dentist has recommended getting a crown, often times it is best to act on it sooner rather than later.

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What is a crown?

A dental crown is a permanent prosthetic that is cemented onto an existing tooth. It is used to strengthen a damaged tooth, as well as provide proper shape, alignment and appearance.

A crown fully cups a tooth that lies at or above the gum line. It is used as the tooth’s new outer surface. This is different than a filling in that a filling only fills in (or repairs) a portion of the tooth.

When is a crown needed?

Your dentist may recommend a crown to:

Crowns are most commonly recommended when there are cracks or chips in the tooth structure. They may not always be visible, as some may exist only internally. Crowns are also recommended when less than 50 percent of the tooth structure. This may be due to decay.

What material are crowns made of and how do I pick the right material?

Crowns can be made from several materials including:

What can I expect the cost to be like?

The cost may vary depending on several factors. Of course, one of the major contributing factors to cost is the type of material used. The number of crowns needed will also factor into the price. If more preparation is needed before the crown can fit properly, or the process is more complicated, the overall cost of the crown process will vary.

Talk to a dentist about which option is best for you if you need a crown. We can help you find out which option is most cost effective without compromising your teeth’s health.

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