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Mercury-Free Dentistry

Getting a cavity filled isn’t anyone’s ideal afternoon – but hey, it happens. Fillings are needed to prevent any tooth decay from getting worse, while restoring the tooth to its full function.

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What types of fillings have mercury in them?

Amalgam fillings are an alloy that are made in combination with mercury, silver, tin and copper. These types of fillings have been used for about 150 years.

The different types of metals are combined together in order to give it all the best characteristics for proper function in teeth. Unfortunately, the use of amalgam fillings has come into question in terms of safety.

We have discovered that mercury is toxic. It is one of the major things that women have to be careful about eating when they are pregnant. But why stop protecting ourselves from something that is toxic after birth? Well, we believe we shouldn’t.

Why is amalgam bad?

Amalgam has quite a few reasons that contribute to it being unsafe. Some of these reasons include:

Why are amalgam fillings used?

Amalgam fillings have primarily been used because they are cheap and able to withstand a high chewing load. They are also known to last longer than other mercury-free alternatives, although the gap is getting closer every day. While it is considered to be safe to use, many are uncomfortable with the material once they learn the facts.

What is the alternative? Is it worth it?

The alternative is to receive mercury-free fillings with composite fillings. There are many benefits to using a composite filling in comparison to amalgam fillings. Some benefits include:

Overall, the use of mercury-free dentistry is the best practice. Precaution and prevention is something we advocate as dentists, and we do our best to offer you options that meet your own precaution and prevention methods. We want to make getting a filling a lot less stressful for you.

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