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What is Endodontic Treatment?

Teeth are an important part of our everyday lives. They help us eat properly, speak clearly, and provide our face with proper structure and alignment. Best of all, teeth give you a confident smile.

That is why it’s incredibly important to take care of your teeth. If a tooth is severely damaged (from a deep cavity or cracked tooth), it can become infected. When the pulp (the network of blood vessels and nerves inside) of the tooth is infected, it can damage the bone around the tooth and cause pain and swelling. This is when endodontic treatment (also known as root canal therapy) is needed to save the tooth.

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What Causes Infection?

The cause of inflammation can vary from quite a few scenarios including:

What Are The Advantages of Root Canal Therapy?

There are several advantages to having root canal therapy including:

The alternative is extraction. If the tooth is not replaced, it starts the process of tooth shifting bite collapse

How Does The Treatment Work?

During root canal treatment, your dentist will:

Can All My Teeth Be Treated With Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is an effective alternative to dentures or removal of teeth. Unfortunately, on some occasions, a tooth cannot be saved due to the root canal being impossible to access. Other reasons may be that the root is severely fractured, there is not enough bone support for the tooth, or the tooth cannot be restored.

Don’t lose hope, though. The recent advances in endodontics have led to many teeth being saved which would have had to be extracted only a few years ago.

What Is The Cost?

Root canal therapy cost can be influenced by several factors. The complexity of the root canal and restoration required, can impact the cost. Also, it is more involved to treat molars and therefore they can cost more.

Every dental insurance plan is different, however most dental insurance policies provide some sort of coverage for the endodontic treatment.

Root canal therapy is more ideal than having a natural tooth extracted. Therefore, root canal therapy is usually cheaper and a more preferred solution than tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions are more expensive than root canals because a bridge or implant must be inserted to replace the missing tooth (or teeth) for proper mouth function. If a bridge or implant is not used, the teeth may shift causing more oral problems.

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